Current Reading


Following on from Ligaya and Enygma, I thought I would list what I’m reading:

  • Office 2003 XML (O’Reilly)
  • Extending and Embedding PHP (Sara Golemon, SAMS Publishing)
  • Beginning PDF Programming with PHP and PDFlib (Ron Goff, php|architect !NanoBook Series)
  • !MySQL Crash Course (Ben Forta, SAMS Publishing)
  • Professional PHP-GTK (Scott Mattocks, Apress, second-readthrough)
  • High Performance !MySQL (O’Reilly)

As for fiction books, I am currently reading:

  • There Will Be Dragons (John Ringo, excellent book)
  • A Fire Upon The Deep (Vernor Vinge, also excellent)

I’ll have these all read within about a month :-)

as well as ongoing:

  • Sword of Truth (just finished #10)
  • Wheel of Time (just finished #11)
  • Harry Potter (recently read #6)
  • Discworld (read about 8 of them)

– Davey

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