A Year in Retrospect

This post is over 14 years old and is probably out of date.

Just like Last Year I’m jumping on the bandwagon again.

Despite the fact that it is hard to top some of the feats I managed last year (I for one, am not planning to marry anybody else!) it has been a very productive and exciting year for me.

This year, I got my Work Visa in just 9 days, and because of this blog, I was notified about a job being offered locally. My card arrived on a Saturday, by Tuesday I had my first interview, Thursday my second and I started work the following Monday. I am still happily employed. To everyone involved there, thanks so much for providing such interesting challenges for me to meet on a daily basis.

February began my first and thankfully, second look into PDO, my move to Serendipity and I spent most of my time settling in my new job.

With March came the first stable release of PHP_CompatInfo and the first release of Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend.

April had its share of fun with the Jason Macer/OSI Hosting debacle coming to light.

May is my Birthday month, and it was my time to move to the darkside and try out Ubuntu Linux (which I am still using) and finally, PHAR/PHP_Archive came to the public eye.

With June also came the little cries of a new kitten, In July, we finally saw some public releases of Cerebral Cortex. I had my first interview in August, for the Pro PHP Podcast

September had myself and my wife travelling to and back from Toronto for php|works, my first conference where I had a great time. I also attained my Zend Certifications.

October was somewhat more quite, we added 2 more kittens to our household (with the loss of two of our cats, this left us with a t

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