Cerebral Cortex && SVNautilus2

Well, I’m finally getting close to a developer release of Cerebral Cortex. All I need to do is to get the entire test suite to pass on linux.

You can imagine my shock when, after having all tests run successfully on windows, then I switch to linux and all of a sudden only 2 pass.

It took me a while, but most of the reason so far has been newlines. Of course a n EOL linux output will not match the rn output in the original tests. I have had to make the tests a little smarter and now they are OS agnostic.

At present, the current test results are thus:

  1. PASS [Crtx_XML_WSDL] Correctly generate PHP Skeleton code from WSDL
  2. PASS [Crtx_XML_WSDL] Correctly Parse a complex WSDL file
  3. PASS [Crtx_XML_WSDL] Correctly create WSDL for PHPs str_replace function
  4. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Parse a simple template correctly
  5. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Set Custom Module Directory
  6. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Include a template correctly.
  7. SKIP [Crtx_Template] Text_Wiki Module parses/renders correctly (reason: PEAR::Text_Wiki Not installed)
  8. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Text_XML_RSS Module parsers/renders correctly
  9. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Variables Module get/sets correctly ()
  10. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Variables Module get/sets correctly ()
  11. FAIL [Crtx_Template] Include nested templates correctly.
  12. PASS [Crtx_Exception] Make sure messages/error codes are set properly
  13. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Add Single Record
  14. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Add records with a relationship
  15. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Count all Records in table
  16. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Count Records based on Conditions
  17. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Delete Single Record
  18. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Update Single Record withour prior find() call
  19. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Return false on Find with multiple non-existant IDs
  20. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Return false only for non-existant IDs inside result array for multiple IDs
  21. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Return false on Find with non-existant ID
  22. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find First Record in table
  23. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find multiple records based on IDs
  24. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Throw Exception when no records found by IDs
  25. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Don’t Throw Exception when some records are found by IDs
  26. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find record(s) based on object vars (not ID)
  27. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Throw Exception when no ID is given nor object vars set
  28. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find related (1:*) records
  29. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find single record based on ID
  30. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Throw Exception when no record found by ID
  31. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find Record using a Crtx_DB_DataObject_Record object
  32. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Tableize Inflection
  33. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Limit Queries without using Database
  34. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Make sure DB and Non-DB Limits give same results
  35. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Limit Queries using Database
  36. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Check that newRecord() returns a Crtx_DB_DataObject_Record object
  37. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find multiple records based on IDs
  38. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Find multiple records based on IDs
  39. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Rollback Single Record
  40. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Test changing of error mode between ERRMODE_NO_RECORD and ERRMODE_ONLY_ERRORS
  41. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Update Single Record
  42. PASS [Crtx_DB_DataObject] Update Single Record without prior find() call
  43. PASS [Crtx_Config] Correctly get and set values (same config instance)
  44. PASS [Crtx_Config] Correctly get and set values (different config instances)

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