How to fix SVN + Apache + SSL Breakage on OS X

This post is over 9 years old and is probably out of date.

If you use SVN on OSX with an SSL repository you may have run into SSL errors similar to this when doing complex operations like large diffs: SSL negotiation failed: SSL error: parse tlsext

This is caused by a bug in the libneon that is bundled with OS X — libneon is the WebDAV client used to negotiate with SVN.

There are two options to solve this:

  1. Upgrade the system libneon (bad idea, as OS X can overwrite it in any update)
  2. Compile SVN/Neon from scratch
  3. Wait for the binaries to be updated
  4. Switch to SVN+SSH

Of all of these, these most feasible it to compile SVN/Neon from scratch, but how to do it such that it doesn’t break anything, and co-exists nicely with your system.

Enter: Homebrew

Homebrew is a simple tool for compiling stuff from source without needing complex ebuilds, custom patches, etc. And it co-exists with the current OSX system — utilizing
in every case possible, the system libraries instead of doing everything from scratch like macports.

Install homebrew then do the following:

$ brew edit neon

Then change the neon version to 0.29.3 and remove the md5sum (it’ll bitch on install, but still work).

Then you should be able to just do:

$ brew install svn

Note: I installed 1.6.6, and it’s currently at 1.6.9, if 1.6.6 doesn’t work, follow the instructions above for neon, and switch to any version you like.

Next, you likely have a /usr/bin/svn (symlink? I didn’t check, perhaps it’s the xcode version?) just move that out of the way using:

$ sudo mv /usr/bin/svn /usr/bin/svn.bak

Finally, like me, you probably already have svn installed in /opt/subversion, go ahead and rename this directory, and check /opt/local/bin for another copy.

That should do it :)

– Davey